For once, there was peace in the land, even despite five kingdoms, few barons and countless warband who still rise to power and seek to tear the land asunder, there was peace. The lands were prosperous and a great deal of calm had settled over the land.

Three years had passed since then and a great omen appeared in the sky, a great black sun appeared above all and the skies turned a pale red, for a day, the lands felt suspicion, jealous and madness spreading amongst them. This one day forced nations to reconsider their peace treaties and for those smaller to consider their places in life once more. What was the will of the gods to give this to the people?

On that day, a great calamity struck the city of Mellard, a harbor city, a mercantile capital in the world had seen a sudden pouring of purple mist surrounding it’s fair city. At that moment, Mellard went silent, some were able to flee and some were left inside the city. A week would pass, before the mist subsided and the city remained quiet. However, when neighboring states investigated the strange calamity, they found the city a hostile place full of strange abominations and at that, invaded by more evil enemies. Even in that, there was a new richness to be found, a new stone known as Kellum, it provided an amplification to magical means and could boost physical power when used properly. At once, the world settle it’s gaze on Mellard.


You, and your warband whether by order of a specific parton or on your own accord realized that this was the way to further your goals and to find stability and coin to flesh out your own future. You saught a kingdom, a home or a place of solace in the world, but you would need to gain it before all else.